Coach Goose’s Review

This is what Coach Goose had to say about our early game on Sunday.

“I am proud of how the guys bounced back in the second game and played tough against a good team!

That first game was quite the challenge and I think it’s cool to see what a good group of 4th graders looks like after playing together for over a year! I don’t think we are too far off from getting to their level…. They moved the ball well, were well disciplined and took good open shots. I think our guys are totally capable of getting there. With that said, I know Bryan and I are very excited to break down our performance in practice this week and keep these guys growing as a team!

Thanks Coach!

Great game guys! See you at practice!

Daily Drill 1/29

Today we will work on some handling. First try wrapping it around your head. Then move on to your ankles and waist. If that’s too easy for you, try around the world wraps. Start by wrapping the ball around your head, then bringing it down and around your waist, and finally around your ankles. Then work on your crossovers and between the legs. For an extra challenge, try triples. You crossover, go between the legs, then behind the back, and through the legs again.

Daily Drill 1/28

Today’s Daily Drill is some strength exercises. Start with 10 push-ups and 10 sit-ups. Do this twice. Then, move on to 10 squats and 10 walking lunges. You’re done! Good job!

Practice 1/27

At today’s practice we worked on moving without the ball. Some things to remember are keeping your head up, cutting, hands up, and constant movement. on our 2 on 2 drills, we focused on driving to the basket and picking our head up. Good practice Geese!

Daily Drill 1/27

Todays daily drill is something with a bit more shooting. Find a park or basketball court. Try 25 free throws first. Try to get 5 in a row! Next, shoot 50 free throws. Try to get 8 out of 10. Comment your best out of 10!

Player Profile : Carter

Our second player profile will be on Carter, often a 4 or 5 but sometimes transformed into a 3. His number is 9. He chose this number because it is his lucky number and he is also nine years old. In free time he likes practicing his skills, going outside to play, homework “which isn’t that pleasant”, or working his own blog.( His favorite sports teams are the Oregon Ducks, Portland Timbers, and the Trail Blazers.  He hopes you have a good time reading his player profile!


Daily Drills

Another thing that will be posted on this blog are Daily Drills. Daily Drills are something that you can do each day to improve your game. They might be a new skill, repetitive work, or games. Keep a look out for the Daily Drills!

Player Profile : Ethan Caba

Our first player profile is about Ethan Caba. He is the younger brother of Assistant Coach Owen Caba. His number is 11. He chose this number because his favorite soccer player, Neymar, wears number 11 as well. His preferred position is the number 2 or 3 role. In his free time he enjoys playing soccer, practicing basketball, Fifa 15, reading, and working on his own blog, ( His favorite sports teams are : San Francisco 49ers, San Francisco Giants, Manchester City, Portland Trail Blazers, and The Portland Timbers. He hopes you have a good time reading his Player Profile!

Player Profiles

This first section of the blog is about the amazing players of the Geese. Throughout the next couple of weeks we’ll add profiles including facts about the players, positions, numbers, stats, and more.

Enjoy our Player Profiles!